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Badgy delivers more Revenue, Clicks, & Fans
We take the guesswork out of social media, helping you post the right content, in the right format, at the right time, running effective contests to help you reach all of your fans and reliably maximize your social marketing results.
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Reach more of your audience with your content, no ads required

Increase clickthrough and Ecommerce conversion rates

Convert casual fans into email subscribers with contests

Attract the right fans for the right reasons

About Badgy

At Badgy, we want to help you get the absolute best results from your company's Facebook and Twitter marketing programs.

If you're selling something, we can help you sell more. If you're growing an audience, we can help grow it faster. Broader news and blog distribution, more email signups, more fans, our tools can help.

Badgy was founded in 2011. After spending years in the social app and social game world, we saw how effective the deepest features of social sites could be, and we wanted to democratize these features and make them accessible for all marketers.

The more a marketer is willing to measure results and focus on improving them, the more we can help.

Our investors include expert marketing executives, entrepreneurs, and serial entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban.

We work with savvy brand and commerce marketers from across the globe, based out of our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
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